Fees & Payments

For a complete list of fees, please reference the Rates and Charges section of the Minimum Standards.

Custom Fees
Check with APP Jet Center and Chantilly Air Jet Center for handling charges.

Payment Options for all Airport Fees
You can pay any fee from the City of Manassas. Select miscellaneous fees under local payments and have your customer number or account number available to make a payment. View payment options.

Minimum Bid
Aircraft Space Minimum Bid per Square Foot
Office Space $23.65

State of Virginia Aircraft License
License Fee
Non-commercial $5.00
Commercial $10.00

All Aircraft owned by residents of the Commonwealth, or owned by nonresidents, if they are based at a public or private airport, heliport or landing area in Virginia more than 60 days in a 12-month period, are required to be licensed (Title 5.1-5, Code of Virginia). Please visit the Virginia Department of Aviation for more information on aircraft licensing.

**The Airport does not charge Personal Property Tax on Aircraft.**

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