Gate Cards


Welcome to the Manassas Regional Airport Driver Training Program. All individuals requiring unescorted access to the airport must obtain a gate card. You must successfully complete all the required courses based on the required level of access. Completing either or both courses does not automatically grant access to operate in the Movement or Non-Movement Areas. Gate Cards are valid for two (2) years from the date you complete the course. Non-Movement Training is valid for two (2) years. Movement Training is valid for one (1) year. 

1. Complete the required training course(s). Non-Movement Training is required for ALL gate card holders. Movement is required for those authorized to operate on the movement areas. 
2. Upon successfully completing the course(s), you will be provided a link to the Gate Card Application. The name on the application MUST match the information provided in the training course.  
3. Complete gate card application with the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. These items will need to be uploaded into the application in order to fully complete the process. Completed applications are automatically sent to Airport Operations.

A completed application includes the following:
1. Signed Application
2. Valid Drivers License or any form of Government Identification.
3. Letter of Authorization from employer, franchise, or aircraft partner.**
3. Copy of current lease or partnership agreement.
4. Headshot (from shoulders up).

**You must provide a new letter of authorization with every gate card renewal.

Gate Cards will be processed in the order in which they are received. You will be notified by email when your card has been processed and is ready for pickup. Gate Cards will be available for pick up inside the front doors of the terminal building (10600 Harry J Parrish Blvd). They can be picked up at anytime (7 days a week).

Driver training emails and reminders are sent to you from either "", "" or "". Check your spam or junk folders for these email.

Airport Operations is available by email and phone (703-361-5488) if you need anything.

Gate Card Policy

Policy for ALL gate card holders

Movement Area Training

Required for those authorized to operate on the Movement Area (Taxiways and Runways)

Non-Movement Training

Required for ALL gate card holders (Ramps and Aprons)

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