Gate Card Policy

You must complete the Non-Movement Driver Training Course before applying for a gate card. Each gate card is issued to a specific individual. Only one gate card per application per driver’s license. Gate card issuance does not give individual access to all gates. Privileges are monitored and modified by Airport Staff as situations permit. Manassas Regional Airport reserves the right to refuse issuance of a gate card for any reason.

At the sole discretion of Airport Director or his designee, gate cards may be issued to individuals for the following reasons:

  1. Aircraft Owner/Operator/Partner
  2. Airport Franchises/Leases whose employees require apron access to perform their jobs.
  3. Contractors employed by a franchise/tenant or Airport.
  4. Flying Clubs who meet all the requirements of the Rules and Regulations
  5. Government Agencies, to include City Employees, whose duties require apron access
  6. Non-tenant operators in possession of an appropriate airport issued commercial operating permit.
  7. Temporary Cards

Manassas Regional Airport reserves the right to amend these guidelines as situations arise.

There is no charge for all new cards and renewals. If the original card is lost or broken, the replacement fee is $35.00. Do not punch a hole in the card or lay it on a magnetic pad, this will de-activate the card. Replacement fees will not be waived for de-activated, damaged, or worn-out cards. If the original card is stolen, a copy of a police report will be required for the replacement fee to be waived. 

The gate card must be returned upon termination of employment, termination of lease or whenever requested by Airport Staff. If your utilization of the Manassas Regional Airport should cease, return your gate card to the airport office within five (5) days.

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