Movement Training

Gate card issuance does not grant individual access to operate in the Movement Areas (Taxiways and Runways). All individuals must complete the Movement Driver Training Course annually and received additional training by their employer. Authorization onto the Movement Area may be revoked at any time. See Gate Card Policy.

In addition to the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS, the following information must also be provided:
1. Letter of Certification from employer or franchise that the individual has been trained on Movement Area operations. This additional training is separate from the training found here and should be in accordance with the employer’s training program and policies.
2. Letter of Authorization from employer or franchise that individual is authorized to access the Movement Area.

Note: Letter of Certification and Authorization can be combined into a single letter.

TRAINING  (New AND Renewal)
All individuals authorized to operate on the movement areas must complete the following.
1. Movement Training Video
2. Movement Area Test
3. Non-Movement Training Video
4. Non-Movement Test

All individuals authorized to operate on the movement area must complete recurrent training annually as well as receiving refresher training by their employer. Failure to complete the training will result in a suspension of the individual's gate card privileges. 

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