Bonds and Agreements

(The review time-line is typically two weeks.)
Submit all documents to Development Services, Room 201

A bond shall be posted for the following:
  • Improvements required by the city in accordance with the Code of Virginia Sec. 15.2-2241 and identified in the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and DCSM or
  • Improvements proffered during the rezoning application and required by the community development director in accordance with Sec. 15.2-2299 of the Code of Virginia
Bonding Policy
  • To obtain an acceptance guarantee of performance to assure the timely construction and completion of legally required site and subdivision public improvements, in accordance with approved plans and profiles, current city standards and specifications, and city and state code requirements, bonds must be posted for specific projects.
  • The Development Services Manager will ensure that appropriate bonds are posted prior to the release of building and site development permits.
  • Instructions to completing the forms
Forms IMPORTANT NOTE: For erosion control bonds, the city will only approve a letter of credit or cash / check. Each agreement requires only one form of security (bond). Please submit bonds and agreements for review to:
Bond Administrator
Planning & Development
9800 Godwin Drive
Manassas, VA 20110

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