DCSM, Letters to Industry and Technical Memos

Please be advised that a revision to the DCSM was effective on May 7, 2018. The revision updates Article 9-720 of the City of Manassas Design Construction and Standards Manual (DCSM) to provide a location map clarifying the placement of standard street lighting fixtures and adding a new standard detail. 

Please Note: A
 revision to the DCSM was effective on April 6, 2018. All streets located within the Mathis Avenue Sector Plan project area and requiring frontage improvements (See Zoning Ordinance Sec. 130-16 & 130-17) shall use the Mathis Avenue Streetscape Standards.

Please Note: A revised Unit Price List was effective January 8, 2018.

The Design and Construction Standards Manual provides requirements for land development in the City of Manassas. In addition, Letters to Industry and Techincal Memo serve as interpertations, corrections and amendments between DCSM publications (per DCSM section 1-340). They provide details of procedural and program changes impacting the land development and permit application process and announce new and updated policy and code requirements regarding building and site construction.

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Letters to Industry & Technical Memos

Design and Construction Standards Manual
Below is a listing of all Articles of the Design and Construction Standard Manual (DCSM). Also included are links to related Letters to Industry and Technical Memos.
Category Article
Cover Page Cover Page
Introduction Introduction
General Information Article 1
Site Plan & Subdivision Submission Process Article 2
Historic Preservation, Landscaping, Fencing, and Screening Requirements Article 3
Erosion Control Requirements Article 4
Water Distribution System Article 5
Fire Service Systems Article 6
Sanitary Sewer Systems Article 7
Storm Drain Systems Article 8
Transportation Standards and Specifications Article 9
Geotechnical Guidelines Article 10
Miscellaneous Standards and Specifications Article 11
Reservations of Land for Public Use Article 12
Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Article 13
Recreation Facilities Article 14
Storm Drainage Exhibits Appendix A
Revised Unit Price List effective January 8, 2018 Appendix B revised
Standard Forms Plan Review Appendix B
Standard Forms of "legal" Agreement Appendix C

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