New Construction Complaints

The city, like all Virginia jurisdictions, maintains a building code compliance jurisdiction on all new construction projects for two years after the initial use or occupancy of the new building or structure. Construction deficiencies may not be readily apparent during construction and may show up after a period of use or occupancy. Examples of this may be a wet basement seen only during the rainy season or a furnace that doesn’t properly heat the structure and was not apparent during the summer months. Reports of possible building code violations should be referred to the city's Development Services Division for investigation and resolution if those possible violations are discovered within the first two years of the use of a new building.

Construction Rules & Regulations
The City, as in all Virginia municipalities, enforces the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

How To File a Complaint / Report a Violation
Report possible code violations to the Development Services Division at 703-257-8278 or email.

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