Site and Subdivision Plan Review

The city must review site and subdivision plans for compliance with city regulations. City staff review and approve plans for proposed developments within the city limits. Plans are reviewed by departments through out the city. The community development department's development services division is responsible for the intake and processing of plans. This process is identical for the Minor Site Plan, Rough Grading Plan and Asbuilt Plan submissions.

The Review Process
QAQC (Processing Time is 2 work days).
A single complete set of plans and plat shall be submitted to the Development Services for review under quality control. Once it is determined the plan package contains all appropriate sheets such as the standard City of Manassas cover sheet, erosion control sheet, lighting plans, landscaping plans, and standard details, the engineer will be notified of any additional information necessary and the number of plans needed for review submission. Following this notification, the additional plan sets must be submitted within 30 business days, or the initial plans submitted for quality control will be disposed of and considered abandoned.

Review (Processing Time is 15 work days)
Upon submission of the review set of plans, the "final plan" (final plan is any submission which has passed QAQC) will be transmitted to the appropriate review agencies within in two working days of the receipt of the plan and payment of review fees. The review agencies are provided 15 working days to review the plan and make comment as appropriate to their area of expertise and knowledge.

Comment Letter (Processing Time is 5 work days)
Upon collection of the comments, Development Services will send a comment letter to the submitting engineer or designated agent with the outstanding comments, and identifying the number of plans necessary for second submission. The plan review process is now at the discretion of the applicant to be returned to the city within 30 calendar days.

Second and Subsequent Reviews (Processing Time is 20 work days)
The second and subsequent reviews require the submission of the revised plan. A plan will not be accepted by the Development Services for second review without the changes being circled in green, a comment letter from the engineer identifying the comments and manner in which the issues are addressed is included. This is the best time to send "Adjacent Owner Notices".

Early Grading Agreement
After the second submission comments are sent out for a Site or Subdivision plan and application and Agreement may be submitted for an Early Grading Agreement and Permit. Phase 1 of the erosion plans is the only portion of the plans that will be considered for early grading.

Team Review
Team Review for second submission must be requested in writing to the Development Services.

  • As part of the second submission of any site plan, a Team review can be requested by the developer. The City can also request such a review when substantial issues remain on a plan. The Development Services Manager or designee may deny a request for TEAM Review based on staffing issues, failure of a timely response by the application or due to the extensive number of outstanding issues.

Final Review
The plan will be listed as in review until such time as all issues relating to code compliance and the Design and Construction Standards Manual have been addressed. Each review will be a standard 20 working day to review and process, unless otherwise approved by the Department of Community Development, see DCSM, Sec 2-890. Development Services, upon receiving a completed review notice from all review agencies will notify the submitter to submit signature sets and copies of the certified receipts of the adjacent property owner NOTICES. Once signed and perforated, the plan is approved.

Once the plan is signed and perforated it is valid for 5 years (or a duration specified by State Code). NOTICE: A Performance & Erosion bond, Pro-Rata payments and a Site Permit needs to be obtained prior to any land disturbance and/or construction commencing. These items are also obtained at Development Services. Bond Process FAQ Sheet

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Applicable Regulations

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