Zoning Permits

The City of Manassas requires zoning approvals and certifications for certain uses. Visit the Applications, Forms and Fees page to download the applications listed below.

Zoning Certificate - Residential
In general, we recommend calling Development Services before you proceed with any exterior changes to your yard. The most commonly overlooked approvals for residential uses are the certifications for routine items such as:
The following items are required for submission:
Home Occupation
A permit is required for any home occupation, such as a home office.  Home Occupations are regulated by Section 130-96 of the Zoning Ordinance. The following items are required for submission:
Home Child Care
A permit is required for any home child care activity (which can have a maximum of four children). The following items are required for submission:
Yard Sales
A residential yard sale does not require a permit, but must comply with the following rules per Section 130-101 of the Zoning Ordinance:
  • No more than two yard sales are held within a given calendar year by the same household at the same location and last no more than three consecutive days.
  • Up to four temporary signs may be used to direct traffic to the site without a permit.
  • All signs shall be located upon stakes, not on a city structure or tree, and shall not exceed three square feet area and shall be located only on the shoulder of the road adjacent to a sidewalk and not within the median strips.
  • Signs shall not be installed until the night prior to the event and  shall be removed the last evening of the event.
Temporary Banners
A permit is required for a banner sign subject to the provisions of Section 130-126 (d) of the Zoning Ordinance.  Approval of a permit is good for one month and allows the banner to be displayed up to 14 days. The following items are required for submission:
Temporary Outdoor Events (Private Commercial Property)
A permit is required for any short-term outdoor event on privately owned commercial property. An example would be a one-day promotional event held in a commercial parking lot. Please note the City requires a minimum of three weeks to process the request. To obtain approval the following items are required:
  • Completed online application
  • A fee of $50 (paid prior to approval of event)
  • If you would like a permit for an organized public gathering, including parades, sidewalk gatherings, street closures, events on airport property, or park gatherings please use the Special Event Permit. No permits are required for outdoor events on residential property.
Temporary Outdoor Sales
A permit is required for temporary outdoor sales and can be approved up to four times per year in any commercial or industrial district subject to the requirements of Section 130-104 of the Zoning Ordinance including:
  • Roadside stands for the retail sales of agricultural products permitted for a period not to exceed 120 consecutive days
  • Roadside stands for the retail sales of holiday goods, including fireworks, permitted for a period not to exceed 30 consecutive days
  • On-site promotional sales events for a permanent retail store permitted for a period not to exceed fourteen days

To obtain approval the following items are required for submission: 

Temporary Tents/Structures
A zoning certification is required for a temporary structure or tent that holds less than 50 persons, or does not exceed 900 square feet. Tents that exceed the number of persons or size will require approval through a Building Permit and Fire Prevention Permit. A zoning certification is required when a tent or temporary structure is placed on a property for a period of five or more days. Permits can be issued for a maximum of 90 days per year.

To obtain approval the following items are required:

*If a tent exceeds 900 square feet or 50 persons a Building Permit and Fire Prevention Permit will be required.
Please see our guide for more information on using heaters in tents.
Consulte nuestro resumen bilingüe aquí para obtener más información acerca del uso de calefactores bajo carpas.

food trucks

Food trucks are permitted to open on commercial or industrial property if an owner with at least one acre of land grants permission, and the truck owner or property owner obtains an annual  zoning permit. In addition, the truck owner must obtain a peddler’s license from the Commissioner of Revenue, and all appropriate licenses and inspections from the Virginia Department of Health.   Up to three food trucks can operate at an approved location for a maximum of four hours between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., and all trucks must be removed from the property at the end of the day. To obtain approval, the following items are required: 

  • Completed Application
  • A fee of $50
  • Owner’s Written Permission
  • Provide copy of current Fire Prevention Code Permit
  • Site Layout (Copy of Current Site Plan or Survey) Showing:
    1. Location of food trucks (maximum 3) in approved parking or loading spaces
    2. Current or updated parking tabulation
    3. Location of any accessory structures including outdoor seating (minimum allowable distance is 10 feet) and trash cans

Zoning Verifications & Interpretations
Zoning verification and interpretation letters may be requested from the Zoning Administrator by an individual who is seeking verification or interpretation of the zoning status of a specific parcel of land. The request for a zoning verification letter must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by the required fee. The request must provide sufficient information to identify the property and the information the requester seeks to verify. At a minimum, requests must include:

  • The property address;
  • Tax Map Number;
  • Questions you would like answered pertaining to zoning; and
  • Requests that include multiple parcels will be charged a fee for each parcel. 
  • There is a $150 fee. 

Requests should be mailed to the Zoning Administrator at  9800 Godwin Drive, Manassas, VA 20110.

Zoning Administration 
The division's Zoning Administration responsibilities include: 

  • Updating and maintaining the city's Zoning Ordinance in accordance with state code
  • Regulatory changes through the Zoning Text Amendment process
  • Official interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance and written zoning verifications upon request
  • Proffer tracking and street addressing

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