Sudley Road/Centreville Road Roundabout

Sudley Road/Centreville Road Roundabout (T-85)
Preliminary and Intermediate Design for proposed roundabout at the intersection of Sudley Road and Centreville Road (Route 28).3D Rendering of Roundabout_with Signs and Grass Buffer

Proposed Roundabout Plan with Grass Buffers
  • Additional funding is being sought to fully fund this project.
  • Feasibility study was completed in May 2022.
  • Survey was completed in February 2020.
  • Preliminary Engineering in progress.
  • Roundabout Quick Facts

Roundabout Design
Application for Grant Funding

Roundabout Public Meetings Follow Up
View the roundabout area plan for public comment (note-this is a large file) and send them back to us here.

Contact: Sung Jin Chung, Senior Engineer

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