Transportation Master Plan

The City Council adopted resolution 2018-07-R in April, 2018 allocating funds for the city's first Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which was completed in September, 2019.

This plan identifies how existing roadways, transit, bike and pedestrian facilities are serving the community, recommends improvements, and provides a guide for future transportation investments to improve mobility in the city.

The Transportation Master Plan gathered input from a series of stakeholder interviews, a public meeting covering key components of the TMP, Community Conversations, and the Comprehensive Plan Vision Summit.

Development of the TMP is part of the Comprehensive Plan.

Transportation Master Plan


Appendix A: Previous Transportation Recommendations in Manassas

Appendix B: Stakeholder Interviews

Appendix C: Bike Share Report

Appendix D: Pedestrian Network Recommendations

Appendix E: Bicycle Network Recommendations

Appendix F: Walkshed Analysis Maps

Interactive Map Atlas

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