Transportation Projects

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  • Grant Avenue: Road improvements from Lee Avenue to Wellington Road.
  • Dean Drive Extended: Extension of Dean Drive from the cul-de-sac to the intersection with Foster Drive.
  • Route 28 / Nokesville Road Widening: 6-lane widening from City limits to Godwin Drive.
  • Street Paving & Repairs:
    • The FY2022 Paving Program is currently in-progress.

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Completed within the last year:

  • Quarry Street Streetscape
  • Gateway Boulevard Trail Improvement Project
  • Portner Avenue Sidewalk: Constructing a sidewalk on the south side of Portner Avenue from Sudley Road to Longstreet Drive.
  • Dumfries Trail: Constructing a shared-use path on the west side of Dumfries Road from Donner Drive to Hastings Drive.
  • Centreville Road Improvements: Construction of dual left turn lanes on Centreville Road at Liberia Avenue.
  • Bike Lanes:
    • As part of the City’s annual repaving program, some existing bike routes received upgraded pavement markings.
  • Street Paving & Repairs:
    • In FY2021 the City completed pavement rehabilitation on approximately 9.3 lane miles of roadway. 

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