Proclamation Request

  • Proclamations are intended to honor or celebrate events or increase awareness of noteworthy issues among Manassas residents. Proclamations are ceremonial and do not carry any legislative or legal value.
  • The person(s) making the request should be a City of Manassas resident.
  • The request should be made well in advance of the event.
  • The City retains the right to modify, edit, or otherwise amend the proposed Proclamation to meets its requirements, needs, or policy determinations.
  • The City of Manassas retains the right to decide if the Proclamation will be issued.
Contact Information
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Proclamation Title

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Date(s) to be proclaimed

Reason for Proclamation

Have you received a Proclamation from the City Council in the last 2 years?


If Yes, list the proclamation title and date
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Proposed Proclamation Language
Please provide 5 to 10 "Whereas" clauses, or upload a draft proclamation.
Note: the proclamation language submitted may be edited, rewritten, or rejected. Not all clauses may be included in the final version of the document.

Upload a Draft Proclamation:

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Sample Proclamation







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