150th Time Capsule

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Will those opening the Manassas 150th Birthday time capsule in 2073 know what to do with a thumb drive? Will the printed newspapers and newsletters be long-gone relics of the past? Will masks be a curious reminder of the historic pandemic?

All those who contributed items to the time capsule commemorating the city’s first 150 years carefully considered what future Manassas residents will think as they unearth the small metal box. Winners of a contest, as well as community partners, area media, the Mayor and Council members, and staff all contributed items to the time capsule at the April 1st 150th Birthday celebration at the Boys and Girls Club. U.S. Representative Jennifer Wexton, State Senator Jeremy McPike, and State Delegate Michelle Maldonado also read 150th Birthday resolutions they introduced in Congress and the Virginia General Assembly that were included in the time capsule.

The memory chip and data sheet placed in the box by Micron and BAE Systems demonstrate today’s latest technologies powering our cars and industries. The bag of organic pea shoots offers the hope that life will spring from a buried packet of seeds.

Challenge coins and buttons document the importance of the Virginia Railway Express, Omniride bus service, George Mason University, the NAACP, and the Manassas Regional Airport. Programs and post cards remember special events from Historic Manassas Inc., the Manassas Ballet Theatre and the Bee Festival. A commemorative Manassas City Police badge, and a challenge coin from the Manassas Fire and Rescue Department remember generations who have served to protect the city.

Small charms represent the city’s train, public safety and Civil War heritage, and the library, hospital, and fireworks. Post cards with a special April 1 post mark note the city’s birthday celebration at Dean Park.

The various Manassas City Schools mascots, t-shirts, cups, and bracelets represent the students who might be around to open the time capsule and lead the city in its 200th year. They will probably have no trouble knowing what to do with the well-aged bottle of KO whiskey, distilled in honor of the 150th Birthday.

The time capsule will be buried outside City Hall, which is currently being renovated.

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