150th Time Capsule Submission Contest

Fill out the attached form to submit your item for consideration.
Regulations for the contest and the item(s) to be submitted for the time capsule:

  • Contest is limited to current City of Manassas residents of all ages.
  • All form submissions must be completed on or before March 1, 2023.
  • Contest winner(s) will be invited on stage to place their item(s) into the time capsule at the City of Manassas 150th Birthday Party on April 1, 2023 at Dean Park.
  • The City of Manassas 150th Birthday Time Capsule is relatively small and any items submitted must also be small (relatively the size of a golf ball, an ornament, or flat like a sheet of paper).
  • Documents, photos, and historically significant pieces pertaining to the City of Manassas are encouraged.
  • We are unable to accept anything organic or perishable.
  • We will not submit items which contain profanity, hate speech, or are derogatory in nature. 

Remember, these items must last for 50 years!

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