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Historic Signs
Celebrating Where We Live and Do Business

The Manassas 150th historic home and business signs will tell stories about the city’s older homes and businesses and their contributions to the development of the city. The signs will help mark the city’s 150th birthday in 2023.

You can share stories about what makes your property unique. Your stories, photographs or other documentation will be loaded into an online tour. The tour may be accessed by scanning a QR code that will be on each sign, or by accessing the tour web site. The gold-colored 4” x 6” signs are $40 each and come with 10" stakes to place at the front of the property where they can be read and scanned by pedestrians.

To be considered for a 150th sign your home or business should:

  • Be at least 50 years old.
  • Have a significant story that is part of the fabric of the city, and/or
  • Be the site of a significant historical event, and/or
  • Be identified with a person or group of persons who influenced the development of the city, and/or
  • Represent the work of a master craftsman, architect, designer, or builder.

Each owner applying for a sign should submit:

A brief written summary of the history of the home or business gathered from land records, local residents, and other sources, that might include:

  • The year it was built.
  • Who built it and its original use.
  • If any significant additions or modifications were made to the building.
  • A basic description of the architectural style.
  • A recent photograph of the building, along with any available earlier photographs/drawings.
  • Information about former residents or owners if they are important to the city’s history.
Apply for a sign 

printable flyer

See the houses on the tour:
F.W. Hynson House
W. Fewell Merchant House
Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church
Hibbs House


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