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Rohr's 5 cent to $1 Store exterior and interior in the 1950s

Rohr’s 5¢ to $1 Store on the corner of Center and West Streets was an important part of everyday life for generations of Manassas residents and visitors from 1934 until 1997. The penny candy aisle was always a popular stop for children, while parents could find most any kitchen tool or hardware item in the store. Rohr’s featured such hard to find items as washboards, clothes pegs, flycatchers with sticky goo, and strawberry hullers, and would special order anything customers requested. Children found classic jacks sets, toy rolling pins, and roller skate repair kits. The store was well known for holiday window displays and custom holiday gift baskets.

Owners Edgar Rohr, who served as Mayor and Councilman, and his wife Walser Rohr, who was voted Manassas Woman of the 20th Century, were at the center of Manassas life for decades, and active in many civic organizations and volunteer efforts. They also operated a free museum, first on Grant Avenue and later next to their store. It featured Civil War relics, dolls, antiques of all kinds, and cars. Their collection became the foundation of the Manassas Museum, which was created thanks in no small part to the efforts of Mrs. Rohr.

The building was built in the 1930s, but was heavily modified in the 1940s, and reflected the popular art deco style of the time when Rohr's was founded. 

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