Strategic Plan

Historic Heart.  Modern Beat.
A strategic plan is an essential component of any organization. The City of Manassas' Strategic Plan seeks to encompass both community aspirations and initiatives. The plan sets goals to maintain those aspects of our community it is most proud of, and strives to achieve the new goals expressed by residents and City leaders.

The Manassas 2025: Five Year Strategic Action Plan is a community based, short-term plan, designed to provide a framework for action by the City’s governing body, administration and community partners over the next five years. It articulates a shared vision for our community that is consistent throughout the City’s planning documents and is based on continuous community input and feedback. The plan provides focus for City department service efforts and ensures that the elected leadership of the City of Manassas and the government administration are fully in sync.  Specifically, the plan provides guidance for budget decisions and a framework for action by elected officials, government administration and our community partners.

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