W. Fewell Merchant House

W Fewell Merchant House

9311 Prescott Avenue

In 1901 the property was purchased from W.R. Prescott by William and Cora Myers. The house was built in 1902. This a large, frame-constructed turn-of-the century Queen Anne - Eastlake style structure. This is an unusual house, a type seen no where else in Manassas. It is built on such a large scale with much attention to detail and basically unchanged since it was built, with original windows, woodwork and grounds. 

A person of local fame, Mr. Myers worked at the Patent Office in Washington D.C., and also molded cigars and peddled them in Manassas on his horse-drawn buggy. In the early 1900s this was the residence of a well known Manassas physician, Dr. W. Fewell Merchant. 

In 1956 Cora Myers sold the residence to Melville and Ann Nelson. They raised eight children in the house and had a sign painting business in the 450 square foot dwelling at the back of the property. In 1998 the Nelsons sold the residence to Tim and Tina Reuwsatt.  Over the next five years the Reuwsatts made extensive restorations and repairs to bring the house back, as closely as possible, to it's original condition and paint color. 

In 2003 Ann and Mark Hempen purchased the property, and are the current owners. Continuing with the restorations, two bedrooms were restored and a bathroom was added in what was a "trunk room" off the landing at the top of the staircase. In April 2009 Manassas Junction Bed and Breakfast officially opened with two bedrooms on the second floor and in 2017 the Nelson Cottage was opened for business.

In the fall of 2021 a new roof was installed and later in the spring of 2022 the front porch was completely repaired and painted.

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