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Information for City of Manassas Candidates

Thank you for choosing to run for elected office.  To help you learn more about the City of Manassas and stay informed about happenings in and around the City, we have compiled a growing list of information you may find helpful.   

2020 Information Update:

A question has been asked about using City parks.  There is no constraint on candidates and campaigns using City parks, including picnic pavilions and/or the Harris Pavilion, for a campaign event.  Park facilities are available to anyone on a first come, first serve basis or specific facilities may be reserved once the appropriate fees have been paid.  Individuals or campaigns can reserve a facility on the City’s website.  Individuals or campaigns using a park facility are required to follow all rules and regulations associated with the use or rental of the facility including the Commonwealth of Virginia’s guidelines as they relate to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Individuals or campaigns may not post any unattended signage or banners before or after the event.

A request has been made for the updated Dean Park Master Plan.

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