Personal Property Taxes

Oct. 7, 2024 is the due date for Personal Property Tax in the City of Manassas.

Manassas uses the Clean Trade-In Value as determined by J.D. Power (NADA), a highly regarded vehicle pricing guide. Your vehicle’s assessment reflects the fair market value.  The Manassas City Council set the personal property tax rate at $3.60, one of the lowest in Northern Virginia, for the FY 24 fiscal year, unchanged from FY23.

NEW! Tax Prepayment Options let you budget your payments.
Note that tax prepayments are only valid  for one (1) year at a time.
Prepaying Online Instructions:
1. Notify the City of Manassas Treasurer's Office of your intention to prepay.
2. Visit and click Pay Personal Property tax here.
3. Enter your CID, full name, and select the current year.
4. Click on Proceed to payment and Pay Other Amount will be selected.
5. Finally, enter the amount you wish to prepay.
Prepaying by Personal Check Instructions:
Residents may make prepayments by personal check both in-person or through the mail to P.O. Box 512, Manassas, VA 20110. If paying by personal check, please note your CID and write "prepayment" on the memo line.
We are happy to serve you at City Hall, 9027 Center Street.

Commissioner of the Revenue assesses personal property tax. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to collect the taxes assessed by the commissioner.

Personal Property Tax payment and inquiry is available at InvoiceCloud.
Taxes may also be paid over the phone to this number only - 1 (844) 278-9120.

The City of Manassas does not pro-rate taxes. Therefore, taxes are assessed on property owned January 1 of the given year through December 31 of the same year. Personal property taxes are  due October 7th, 2024. License fees for vehicles and motorcycles are also due October 7th, 2024 and anytime thereafter that a vehicle is purchased or moved into the City.

License Fees
A $25 (vehicle) or $10 (motorcycle) license fee is due each year on each vehicle. The fee year exists from October 6th until October 5th. Any vehicle registered in the City within this time period must pay a $25 license fee each year.
If you have questions about personal property tax collection, please call 703-257-8244 or email us.

Visit the InvoiceCloud for tax payment and inquiry.
Taxes may also be paid over the phone to this number only - 1 (844) 278-9120.
View your payment options.

Visit the Treasurer’s Office or call 703-257-8242 to find out about Personal Property Tax Relief and Exemptions.

Delinquent Collections
The Treasurer has engaged the law firm of Taxing Authority Consulting Services (TACS) to assist with the collection of delinquent taxes and miscellaneous receivables.  If you have received notification of collection from TACS they may be contacted at:
TACS payment portal
Email TACS


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