Water Testing

Water TestingEnsuring the Safety of Our School Children
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August 10, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions about Lead and Drinking Water
Additional Information:  www.mcpsva.org

Manassas Utilities and MCPS Working Together against Lead
Drinking water has been a huge concern this year in many localities and in the media.  Lead in drinking water can cause serious health concerns in pregnant women and young children.  The City of Manassas Utilities Department and the Manassas City Public Schools have joined forces to ensure the safety of our children in our school system.

The City of Manassas Utility Department performs testing for lead and copper in the drinking water on a regular schedule.  Because the results have been optimal, samples consistently testing below the EPA's action level, the City is now on a reduced testing level.  Testing was performed in 2015 with outstanding results.   
In June, lead testing was performed at all City of Manassas Public Schools.  This testing was not required, but was performed as an additional safety measure for the students of the school system.  The EPA guidelines were carefully followed.  Samples were collected from water coolers, bubblers, and faucets that may be used for drinking.  A total of 98 samples were tested, 95 of which contained no measurable lead. 

Three samples at three different schools contained detectable lead levels with only one of those results being above the EPA action level.  The three devices that had measurable results have been taken out of service and will be replaced before the school year begins.  The Manassas City Public Schools will continue their monitoring and remediation efforts to ensure the safety of all of the school children.

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