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What Happens Upstream Doesn’t Stay Upstream
Have you ever stopped to think about the journey of a raindrop or snow flake? Well, here is why you should!
"Stormwater" is any form of precipitation (e.g. rain, snow, hail) that originates from a storm. As it begins to make its way to the nearest stream or lake, it flows over rooftops, roads, parking lots, our backyards, and the entire land surface around us. As it runs across these impervious surfaces, the water (or “runoff”) begins to pick up pollutants, such as trash and any other loose or leaking thing in our neighborhoods, and carries this slurry into the nearest drain. In many places around Manassas, there is a collection of drains, curbs, ditches, pipes, and other structures placed to capture stormwater where it makes its way to nearby streams and rivers which eventually pour into the Chesapeake Bay!

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