Liberia House Stream Restoration

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This project will restore approximately 1,800 linear-feet of eroded stream banks along Flat Branch Creek through the Liberia House Property, located at 8601 Portner Ave. The goal is to stabilize stream banks and protect infrastructure, such as the historic Spring House situated along the stream. The project will also result in TMDL credits to help the City reach our pollution reduction goals.

Key Features

  • Restoration of ~1,800 linear-feet of eroded stream banks through the Liberia House Property
  • Stabilization of the historic Spring House Structure
  • New bridge to allow better access to Spring House
  • New trail located along the stream
  • Removal of dead and undesirable vegetation
  • New vegetation plantings, including 596 small trees/shrubs and 120 larger trees
  • In-stream erosion prevention methods including rock riffles, rock pools, and log structures
  • Pollutant credit to help the City meet our reduction goals

Cultural Resource Survey

  • The project site contains historic resources, and a portion of the site is located within a Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) easement. As such coordination, input, and review of a Phase I survey by VDHR was completed.
  • Within the project's limits of disturbance is a historic spring house. The project has been designed to avoid current and future impacts to the springhouse. There is no proposed work within the immediate area of the springhouse other than relocation and fill of the existing stream channel. In fact, the grading of existing, eroding slopes are designed to prevent overland flow from threatening the stability of the springhouse. During construction, installation of the orange safety fence buffer will be used during the construction sequence to prevent impacts to this resource.

Construction Expectations

  • Timeline: November 2023 – April 2024
  • Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Trails and area surrounding stream will be closed to the public
Status: 100% Design
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Contact: Susie Orndorff, Stormwater Administrator

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