Entry Level: Firefighter BLS Recruit

Salary: $55,960 Annually
This position is required to attend and pass a fire academy.

Essential Job Functions:
  • Receives and responds to calls for emergency service(s), including fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, search and rescue operations, aircraft distress incidents, explosions, floods, and other natural/man-made disasters; receives and relays accurate information from/to dispatcher, and notifies other agencies as needed. May serve as the BLS/ALS provider on ambulance or medic unit, or other apparatus as assigned. 
  • Provides fire protection to the public: protects life/safety and conserves property; suppresses, controls, and extinguishes fires; performs search and rescue operations for individuals and other firefighters; performs the extrication of victims; performs forcible entry; assists individuals from burning structures; ventilates smoke and fire gases from structure; establishes opening in building for entrance and ventilation or salvage; performs overhaul and salvage after operations; and assists with cleanup activities.
  • Provides basic emergency medical care to injured and sick persons: assesses the physical condition of patients and assists in making decisions regarding the proper course(s) of action; determines nature and extent of illness/injury; provides first aid, CPR, artificial respiration, basic airway management, or basic life support treatment to patients; attempts to stabilize the patient by controlling bleeding, administering oxygen and medicine, treating wounds, and monitoring vital signs and other indicators; and provides care for emergency childbirth management and other medical emergencies. ALS providers may identify and evaluate various mechanisms of injury; initiate treatment, and determine subsequent treatment based on patient reactions, responses, and condition; administer medications.
  • Transports patients to an appropriate medical facility: provides medical care en route as appropriate; communicates with medical personnel at an emergency treatment facility to obtain instructions regarding further treatment and to arrange for reception of victims at treatment facility; and performs physical lifting techniques associated with moving patients between incident site, stretcher or ambulance. ALS providers may provide advanced emergency care.
  • Assists with public education and outreach: provides public education and information in fire prevention, safety, and first aid through classes, programs, and demonstrations of fire and emergency medical information; and conducts tours of the fire station and fire trucks. 
Minimum Required Qualifications
  • Valid VA driver's license
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • US Citizen/Permanent Resident
  • Good Physical Condition
  • 18 Years Old at Date of Hire
  • Drug and Tobacco "Free"
  • Preference is given for Paramedic Certification 
Candidates must be able to pass a background investigation, poly, and psych exam.

**Disclaimer: The use of tobacco products is a disqualifier for consideration of this position and any future applications.**


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