Commissioner of the Revenue 

First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Tim Demeria Commissioner of the Revenue (703)-257-8220
Terri Martin Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue (703)-257-8298
Regina Clayborn Personal Property (703)-257-8221
Carol Dunn Commercial Appraiser (703)-257-8217
June Khamis Auditor (703)-257-8222
Heather Proscia Personal Property (703)-257-8206
Clay Fortney Residential Appraiser (703)-257-8254
Angela Fromm Real Estate Specialist (703)-257-8263
Kim Miller Business Personal Property (703)-257-8229
Lucy Pullen Business Licenses (703)-257-8214
Ruth Sisler Residential Appraiser (703)-257-8250
Sandra Aguilar (703)-257-8253

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