Exit Process

Resignation Notice
Employees who plan to resign from City employment are expected to notify their immediate supervisor, in writing, at least ten (10) working days/2 weeks prior to their last day of work. 
Exit Interview
Departing employees will receive an Exit Questionnaire link to their personal email addresses on file which they can complete via Survey Monkey. All results are kept confidential. 
Leave Payout
Employees may be eligible for a payout of unused annual and/or sick leave depending upon their tenure with the City, available leave balances and amount of notice given prior to resignation. 

Health Insurance 
Any employees enrolled in a health insurance plan will have coverage through the end of the month in which he/she separates. Depending on the date of separation, additional payroll deductions may be necessary to cover the final month of coverage otherwise a refund will be provided on your final paycheck.

Through the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1980 (COBRA), eligible employees may continue the same group coverage for themselves and their covered dependents for a specific period of time at full cost. 
Flexible Spending Accounts
Employee’s flexible spending accounts end as of the last day of employment. This means that employees (and covered dependents) may not incur additional expenses under the FSA beyond their last day of employment. Employees may continue to send in receipts to obtain reimbursement through September 30 following the end of the current plan year for expenses incurred up until their last day.

Supplemental Insurance
Any supplemental insurance coverage the employee participated in will be terminated as of the last day of employment.
Virginia Retirement System (VRS) - Eligible Full-Time Employees Only

Employees retiring from the City of Manassas should meet with a designated member of the HR staff to understand all available options and to obtain and complete all the appropriate paperwork. Based on the time it takes for VRS to process such requests, we request that retirements be initiated at least 3 months in advance whenever possible.

Non-Retirees: Employees separating employment, but not retiring, should make every effort to understand what options are available under the Virginia Retirement System. Employees with 5 or more years of VRS Service are considered vested, and may be eligible for a monthly retirement benefit in the future. If the employee decides to take a refund or rollover of the funds in their VRS account, they will no longer be eligible for a retirement benefit and will forfeit any service in their current plan. If the employee subsequently returns to work in a VRS-covered position, they will be hired under the retirement plan provisions in place at that time. Leaving accumulated VRS contributions with the Virginia Retirement System will allow employees to retain the VRS service credit they earned as an employee. This VRS service credit will be added to any future service credit with a VRS-participating employer.
To obtain more information about your myVRS account, to update your member information, or to request refund/rollover information please contact VRS directly at 1-888-827-3847 or by visiting their website at www.varetire.org.

***In addition to the VRS account, Hybrid VRS members must also contact ICMA regarding the defined contribution portion of their retirement account at 1-877-327-5261 or www.varetire.org/hybrid.***

Any employees that leave City of Manassas employment and are benefit eligible will receive an exit document mailed to their home address on record that will provide additional information related to applicable insurance, retirement, or other benefit programs they may have participated in.

Employees with a change of address after leaving employment with the City of Manassas should contact HR at HR@manassasva.gov, or call us at (703) 257-8268. Providing this updated information will ensure that you receive important documents such as your W-2 form the following year.

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