Annaburg has a long history as a recreational destination. Robert Portner, the Prussian-born entrepreneur and Alexandria brewer who built the 1892 Annaburg as a summer retreat, generously enabled his neighbors to enjoy what was essentially a town park long before parks existed. After Robert and his wife Anna Portner passed away and the house was no longer occupied, residents recalled the grounds as a place to stroll, take photographs, and skate on the frozen ponds in winter. Residents and visitors also enjoyed attending the town’s Dairy Festival, 4th of July fireworks, and even church baptisms in the estate's pond.

You can read more about Annaburg in the nomination package for the State and National Register Landmarks List.

Annaburg period photo   Dairy Festival
(left) An historic image of Annaburg. (right) The Manassas Dairy Festival was often held at Annaburg during the 1930s.

Robert Portner   Anna Portner
(left) Robert Portner (right) Anna Portner

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