Projects & Improvements

Manassas parks and cultural facilities are being upgraded with new equipment, landscaping, signs, and other amenities as part of the Capital Improvement Plan.



  • Lee Manor Park Safety Improvements – tennis court renovation, new fence, practice wall, bike rack, entrance sign, benches, trash receptacles

FY 2022 Projects Completed

  • Lucky's Dog Park - Water fountain repairs and new stone dust surface are complete.
  • Annaburg Manor - restoration of the original slate roof, metal cornices and wood box gutters, and paint removal is complete.  Master plan to determine future improvements for the grounds and a possible use for the manor itself has been adopted.
  • Baldwin Elementary School – playground upgrades include poured rubber surface on the large playground, small sunshades over the picnic tables to provide an outdoor shaded area during recess and a sensory trail on the hard court surface.
  • E.G. Smith Baseball Complex Improvements – Renovated field 6, repairs on field 5, new fencing around all diamond fields, improved paved pathways, stormwater improvements, new perimeter fence and dumpster enclosure, and entrance signs.
  • Harris Pavilion – new awnings, new coat of paint on the pavilion and rail cars
  • Bike Racks – new bike racks added at Baldwin Elem., Baldwin Intermediate, Mayfield Intermediate, Metz Middle School, Nelson Park, Oakenshaw Park, and Winterset Park
  • Stonewall Park Pool – water quality improvements

FY2021 Projects Completed

  • Jennie Dean Memorial – Statue honoring Jennie Dean and plaza, light bollards, and site improvements
  • Dean Park Dog Park 
  • Mayfield Fort--new outdoor exhibit with 8 interpretive signs, and new amenities 
  • Harris Pavilion – upgrades to the sound and lighting system, new coat of paint on the pavilion and rail cars

FY 2020 Projects Completed

  • Cavalry Run Park – playground upgrades, refurbished tennis court and basketball court, trees, bike rack, new picnic tables, benches and trash/recycling receptacles
  • Haydon Elementary School – playground upgrades, resurfaced basketball court, added soccer goals, new sensory trail, and benches

FY 2019 Projects Completed

  • Kinsley Mill Park – playground upgrades, resurfaced basketball court and roller hockey court, bike rack, new picnic tables, benches and trash/recycling receptacles, entrance sign, and trail connection to the neighborhood
  • Osbourn High School - Tennis Court renovation
  • Dean Park – Tennis Court improvements
  • Stonewall Park Pool- Admissions and restroom renovation, added four new family restrooms

FY 2018 and Prior Years Completed

  • Liberia House - Restroom facility
  • George C. Round Elementary School - Playground improvements, soccer goals
  • Metz Middle School - Tennis court improvements
  • Stonewall Park Pool – Splash pool and spray features, sail shade, deck expansion, new lounge chairs, and bike rack 
  • Byrd Park - New playground equipment, resurfaced roller hockey, basketball, and Bankshot basketball court; Sail shade installation over the picnic area; New signage, picnic amenities, bike racks and benches
  • Weems Elementary School – playground improvements
  • Dean Park – Skate park improvements 
  • Harris Pavilion – Bike rack

Future Scheduled Park Capital Improvement Projects:

  • FY22: Oakenshaw Park and Cannon Branch Park
  • FY24: Nelson Park and Walter Delisle Park
  • FY26: Lee Manor Park and Winterset Park

Future Scheduled School Playground Capital Improvement Projects:

  • FY23: Weems Elementary School
  • FY25: Round Elementary School
  • FY27: Jennie Dean Elementary School

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