Umbrella License for Event Merchants

Are you interested in selling your wares during special events in the city? Please read the following and submit the Umbrella License Form and Vendor Forms

City Council amended the Code of Ordinances to add Sec. 30-136.1 to address sales by itinerant merchants and peddlers at special events in the City.

A new classification, “Umbrella License”, was created to be obtained by the sponsors of such events.

Please read the attached ordinance for detailed information:

The cost of the umbrella license described in subsection (a) shall be as follows:

(1) An annual license fee of $500.00, which will apply to an unlimited number of events during the calendar year when the license is obtained, regardless of the number of participating merchants, peddlers and vendors at any one event; or,

(2) A per event license fee of $10.00 per participating merchant, peddler or vendor; provided, however, that regardless of the number of merchants, peddlers and vendors, the cost of such license shall not be less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00 for any one event.

In addition, any organization or City department, board or agency issued an umbrella license must, within ten (10) days of the last day of the event for which such license was issued, file with the commissioner of the revenue on a form prescribed by the commissioner, a final accounting of the merchants, peddlers and vendors who actually conducted business at the event.

All vendors selling prepared food must file and pay the City Meals Tax on all sales.

Umbrella License Form
Vendor Form

Please contact Lucy Pullen at (703) 257-8214 or for additional information.

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