Wildlife Concerns
Our city is unique in that it is surrounded by many areas that remain relatively untouched by development. Even in our backyards we still see a great deal of wildlife. Although they are fun to watch, it is important to remember that they are wild animals.

For your safety and for your health, never approach or try to touch any wildlife. When wildlife gets into areas where there is the possibility of human contact, we recommend using techniques such as:
  • Securing your trash with locking lids
  • Bringing pet food indoors at night
  • Blocking holes under porches / foundations
  • Keeping dog feces cleaned up
  • Capping chimneys and vents with 1/4 inch hardware mesh
  • Keeping grass and shrubs cut short
  • Trimming tree limbs away from your home

These techniques may discourage wildlife from moving in and settling. City Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) are trained to handle the wildlife situations. Contact an ACO immediately and remain safely away from the animal, especially if it appears to be acting sickly or looks like it might be injured. If the animal is injured or too young to be away from its mother, your Animal Control Officer knows how to assist.

Additional Information
To learn more about some wildlife issues, contact The Wildlife Center of Virginia.
or to learn more about Coyotes, read Living with Coyotes near your home in Virginia.  

Baby Animals
It is very important that you understand baby wildlife are not like babies or your pets. It is important to always leave them alone and call your ACO. The Animal Control Officers are trained on how to assist. We also work with several local rehabilitators to ensure that every animal is given the best chance of survival.

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