Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Division consists of a team of detectives, officers, and support personnel whose function is to investigate incidents and criminal reports to lead to the identification and apprehension of criminal offenders.

Functions and specialties within the division include:

  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Gangs
  • Property Crimes
  • Vice / Narcotics

Crimes Against Persons
These detectives are responsible for investigation of crimes such as assault offenses, murder, kidnapping / abduction, sex offenses, and forcible rape.

Property Crimes
These detectives are responsible for investigation of crimes such as bribery, burglary / breaking and entering, counterfeiting / forgery, identity theft, destruction / damage / vandalism, embezzlement, extortion / blackmail, fraud offenses, larceny-theft offenses, motor vehicle theft, robbery, and stolen property.

Vice / Narcotics
The Vice / Narcotics unit is responsible for investigation of illegal drug activity, gambling, and prostitution. These detectives use various techniques such as surveillance, search warrant execution, and undercover operations.

Homeland Security / Terrorism

  • What is suspicious activity?
  • How to report possible terrorist activity?
Visit the Virginia Fusion Center to learn the seven signs of terrorism, and how to report suspicious activity

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