Manassas City Police Association

Manassas City Police Association, Inc. (MCPA), was formed in 1991 as a non-stock, non-profit corporation under the provisions of Chapter 10 of Title 13.1 of the Code of Virginia.

MCPA is an independent and autonomous affiliate of the Manassas City Police Department, governed by its own Board of Directors, Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws.
Membership in MCPA is divided into two categories: regular (active); and associate/honorary.

Regular Members
are confined to those persons employed by the Manassas City Police Department.

Associate & Honorary Members
may be persons who can by way of their expertise or abilities benefit the Association. The Association may also have Honorary Members. These may be persons whom the Association deems to recognize for their contribution to the Association, or any other reason. Honorary and Association Members shall not be afforded any normal benefits of regular membership.

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