MCPD General Orders

The policies of the Manassas City Police Department set forth the standards, values, and expectations for this department. MCPD is dedicated to providing quality, professional public safety services that are modeled after the standards set by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The following policies are provided for public access, to improve transparency and understanding between the Department and those we serve.
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Administration24 documents

  • Command, Supervision and Duty
    document Header Command, Supervision and Duty
  • Discipline-Complaints-Commendations.pdf
    document Header Discipline-Complaints-Commendations.pdf
  • Fiscal Management.pdf
    document Header Fiscal Management.pdf
  • Forms Management.pdf
    document Header Forms Management.pdf
  • General Duty Manual.pdf
    document Header General Duty Manual.pdf
  • Goals and Objectives.pdf
    document Header Goals and Objectives.pdf
  • Inspections
    document Header Inspections
  • Intergovernmental Relations.pdf
    document Header Intergovernmental Relations.pdf
  • Jurisdiction-Mutual Aid.pdf
    document Header Jurisdiction-Mutual Aid.pdf
  • LAWFIT.pdf
    document Header LAWFIT.pdf
  • Line of Duty Death-Critical Injury.pdf
    document Header Line of Duty Death-Critical Injury.pdf
  • Management Information Systems.pdf
    document Header Management Information Systems.pdf
  • Notification Policy.pdf
    document Header Notification Policy.pdf
  • Oath of Office.pdf
    document Header Oath of Office.pdf
  • Organization.pdf
    document Header Organization.pdf
  • Planning and Research.pdf
    document Header Planning and Research.pdf
  • Police Discretion.pdf
    document Header Police Discretion.pdf
  • Police Ethics.pdf
    document Header Police Ethics.pdf
  • Position Descriptions- Office of the Chief of Police-Administrative Services Division.pdf
    document Header Position Descriptions- Office of the Chief of Police-Administrative Services Division.pdf
  • Public Information.pdf
    document Header Public Information.pdf
  • Safety Review.pdf
    document Header Safety Review.pdf
  • Staff Meetings.pdf
    document Header Staff Meetings.pdf
  • Volunteer Chaplain Program.pdf
    document Header Volunteer Chaplain Program.pdf
  • Written Directives.pdf
    document Header Written Directives.pdf

Rules and Regulations3 documents

  • Rules of Conduct.pdf
    document Header Rules of Conduct.pdf
  • Uniform Regulations.pdf
    document Header Uniform Regulations.pdf
  • Use and Care of Equipment.pdf
    document Header Use and Care of Equipment.pdf

Personnel20 documents

  • Accident and Injury.pdf
    document Header Accident and Injury.pdf
  • Career Development Program.pdf
    document Header Career Development Program.pdf
  • Civilian Personnel.pdf
    document Header Civilian Personnel.pdf
  • Class Specification.pdf
    document Header Class Specification.pdf
  • Compensation and Benefits.pdf
    document Header Compensation and Benefits.pdf
  • Early Intervention Program.pdf
    document Header Early Intervention Program.pdf
  • Employee Assistance Program.pdf
    document Header Employee Assistance Program.pdf
  • Equal Opportunity Employment.pdf
    document Header Equal Opportunity Employment.pdf
  • Grievance Procedures.pdf
    document Header Grievance Procedures.pdf
  • Leave.pdf
    document Header Leave.pdf
  • Liability Protection Program.pdf
    document Header Liability Protection Program.pdf
  • Medical Standards and Procedures.pdf
    document Header Medical Standards and Procedures.pdf
  • Out of Town Travel.pdf
    document Header Out of Town Travel.pdf
  • Outside Employment.pdf
    document Header Outside Employment.pdf
  • Performance Evaluation.pdf
    document Header Performance Evaluation.pdf
  • Personnel Administration.pdf
    document Header Personnel Administration.pdf
  • Promotion.pdf
    document Header Promotion.pdf
  • Recruitment.pdf
    document Header Recruitment.pdf
  • Selection.pdf
    document Header Selection.pdf
  • Specialized Assignments.pdf
    document Header Specialized Assignments.pdf

Records and Data Processing6 documents

  • Archive and Destruction Schedule.pdf
    document Header Archive and Destruction Schedule.pdf
  • Computer Systems.pdf
    document Header Computer Systems.pdf
  • Criminal History-Records Security.pdf
    document Header Criminal History-Records Security.pdf
  • Permits.pdf
    document Header Permits.pdf
  • Records Office.pdf
    document Header Records Office.pdf
  • Records Section.pdf
    document Header Records Section.pdf

Communications2 documents

  • Communication Devices.pdf
    document Header Communication Devices.pdf
  • Communications Administration.pdf
    document Header Communications Administration.pdf

Operations21 documents

  • Bias Based Policing.pdf
    document Header Bias Based Policing.pdf
  • Bicycle Patrol Operations.pdf
    document Header Bicycle Patrol Operations.pdf
  • Body Worn Cameras.pdf
    document Header Body Worn Cameras.pdf
  • Booking Prisoners.pdf
    document Header Booking Prisoners.pdf
  • Call Back Vehicle Program.pdf
    document Header Call Back Vehicle Program.pdf
  • De-Arrest Procedures.pdf
    document Header De-Arrest Procedures.pdf
  • Domestic Violence.pdf
    document Header Domestic Violence.pdf
  • Drugs-Explosives Training Aids.pdf
    document Header Drugs-Explosives Training Aids.pdf
  • Field Interviews.pdf
    document Header Field Interviews.pdf
  • Fugitives.pdf
    document Header Fugitives.pdf
  • In-Car Video Systems.pdf
    document Header In-Car Video Systems.pdf
  • LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Equipment.pdf
    document Header LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Equipment.pdf
  • Medical Examiners Cases.pdf
    document Header Medical Examiners Cases.pdf
  • Photo and Show-Up Presentations.pdf
    document Header Photo and Show-Up Presentations.pdf
  • Positions Descriptions- Patrol Services Division.pdf
    document Header Positions Descriptions- Patrol Services Division.pdf
  • Preliminary and Follow-up Investigations.pdf
    document Header Preliminary and Follow-up Investigations.pdf
  • Reporting Procedures.pdf
    document Header Reporting Procedures.pdf
  • Routine and Emergency Response.pdf
    document Header Routine and Emergency Response.pdf
  • Stolen Vehicle Reports-Recoveries.pdf
    document Header Stolen Vehicle Reports-Recoveries.pdf
  • Use of Force Continuum Model
    document Header Use of Force Continuum Model
  • Warrant Control.pdf
    document Header Warrant Control.pdf

Operations Support16 documents

  • Animal Control.pdf
    document Header Animal Control.pdf
  • Auxiliary Police Section.pdf
    document Header Auxiliary Police Section.pdf
  • Breathalyzer Operations.pdf
    document Header Breathalyzer Operations.pdf
  • Contingency Planning.pdf
    document Header Contingency Planning.pdf
  • Crime Analysis.pdf
    document Header Crime Analysis.pdf
  • Crime Prevention-Community Services.pdf
    document Header Crime Prevention-Community Services.pdf
  • Honor Guard.pdf
    document Header Honor Guard.pdf
  • In-Service Training.pdf
    document Header In-Service Training.pdf
  • Infectious Diseases.pdf
    document Header Infectious Diseases.pdf
  • Interview Rooms.pdf
    document Header Interview Rooms.pdf
  • Non-Sworn Member Training.pdf
    document Header Non-Sworn Member Training.pdf
  • NVCJA and the Training Function.pdf
    document Header NVCJA and the Training Function.pdf
  • Position Descriptions Investigative Services Section.pdf
    document Header Position Descriptions Investigative Services Section.pdf
  • Recruit Training.pdf
    document Header Recruit Training.pdf
  • Ride-Along Program.pdf
    document Header Ride-Along Program.pdf
  • SCUBA Team.pdf
    document Header SCUBA Team.pdf

Traffic Administration11 documents

  • Accident Investigations.pdf
    document Header Accident Investigations.pdf
  • Automated License Plate Reader.pdf
    document Header Automated License Plate Reader.pdf
  • Police Motorcycles.pdf
    document Header Police Motorcycles.pdf
  • Road Hazards and Motorist Assistant.pdf
    document Header Road Hazards and Motorist Assistant.pdf
  • Selective Enforcement.pdf
    document Header Selective Enforcement.pdf
  • Speed Detection Devices.pdf
    document Header Speed Detection Devices.pdf
  • Towing Vehicles.pdf
    document Header Towing Vehicles.pdf
  • Traffic Direction and Control.pdf
    document Header Traffic Direction and Control.pdf
  • Traffic Engineering.pdf
    document Header Traffic Engineering.pdf
  • Traffic Services Division.pdf
    document Header Traffic Services Division.pdf
  • Traffic Summons, Warning, Arrest.pdf
    document Header Traffic Summons, Warning, Arrest.pdf

Evidence and Property6 documents

  • Acquired In-Custody Property.pdf
    document Header Acquired In-Custody Property.pdf
  • Asset Forfeiture.pdf
    document Header Asset Forfeiture.pdf
  • Department Owned-Controlled Property.pdf
    document Header Department Owned-Controlled Property.pdf
  • Fleet Management.pdf
    document Header Fleet Management.pdf
  • Property Management.pdf
    document Header Property Management.pdf
  • Virginia Firearms Clearinghouse.pdf
    document Header Virginia Firearms Clearinghouse.pdf

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