Red Light Camera Program

Ready Set Stop GraphicReady. Set. STOP!

The Ready. Set. STOP! campaign is a traffic enforcement and awareness project aimed at making our roadways safer for drivers and pedestrians. The City is kicking off the “Ready. Set. STOP!” project with the addition of photo red light enforcement at some of the most dangerous intersections within the City.  

Project Components

  • Photo Red Light Enforcement
  • Photo Enforcement of School Bus Stop Arms
  • Public Awareness & Education

Ready. Set. STOP! Press Release
Ready. Set. STOP! Fact Sheet
Ready. Set. STOP! Fact Sheet (Espanol)

Photo Red Light Enforcement
If you have questions regarding a violation from our Red Light Photo Enforcement,
please contact 1-833-631-0202.

On December 9, 2019 the Manassas City Council approved an ordinance allowing for photo enforcement of red light violations. The City of Manassas is committed to keeping our residents safe on our roadways. To that end, we will be installing red light cameras to help prevent accidents at some of the busiest intersections in the City. The project is a public safety initiative through the Manassas City Police Department that aims to change driver behavior and reduce accidents at some of the most problematic intersections.

Extensive traffic/engineering studies have been and will continue to be completed on the following intersections:

  • Liberia Avenue/Centreville Road*
  • Liberia Avenue/Euclid Avenue
  • Liberia Avenue/Mathis Avenue
  • Liberia Avenue/Signal Hill Road
  • Godwin Drive/Wellington Road
  • Godwin Drive/Nokesville Road
  • Liberia Avenue/Prince William Parkway
  • Liberia Avenue/Richmond Avenue
  • Sudley Road/Godwin Drive

These intersections were selected for the studies because they consistently have the highest accident rates in the City of Manassas. 

More information will be provided as the project progresses. Please refer to this web page for all project updates. For more information, refer to the Code of Virginia Section
§15.2-968.1 which establishes the regulations associated with the enforcement of traffic light signals through the use of photo-monitoring systems. For additional questions, contact the Manassas City Police Department’s Public Information Office by email at

Program Updates
Current active intersections include:
  • Liberia Avenue & Centreville Road
  • Liberia Avenue & Euclid Avenue
  • Liberia Avenue & Signal Hill Road
  • Grant Avenue & Center Street
Past initiatives include:
  • December 13, 2019: A traffic monitoring device has been installed at the intersection of Liberia Avenue & Centreville Road as part of the on-going traffic studies being conducted to determine which intersections are appropriate for photo red light enforcement. The device will be monitoring traffic count and the red light violation rate. It is not issuing citations.
  • February 10, 2020: Engineering and traffic studies of the Liberia/Centreville Road intersection are being finalized to make final determinations on whether a camera will be installed. Monitoring devices are being installed at Liberia Ave and Euclid Ave to begin engineering/traffic studies of this intersection.
  • July 24, 2020: Engineering and traffic studies have been completed for the intersection of Liberia/Centreville Rd. Photo red light enforcement was deemed appropriate for three out of the four approaches. Information about implementation of cameras will be released in the coming weeks. Studies will continue at additional intersections on a rolling basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are fines paid?
Fines will be able to be paid via phone, mail, or online. Upon receipt of the violation, the owner can request a court date if they wish to appeal.

What is the goal of the red light photo enforcement project?

The program is intended to improve the safety of drivers by conducting enforcement at the most problematic intersections in the City of Manassas. Traditional enforcement of these areas is difficult and dangerous for not only the officer, but the driver. Highway safety studies show photo red light enforcement helps change driver behavior and drastically reduce the number of violations and accidents.

How many cameras will be installed?
Virginia Code allows for ten intersections to have photo enforcement in the City of Manassas. However, that does not mean ten intersections will receive photo enforcement systems. Photo enforcement will only be installed at intersections that are deemed appropriate through traffic and engineering studies.

How long will it take for cameras to be put up?
Each intersection requires a traffic study to determine if photo enforcement is appropriate for the intersection. If it is deemed appropriate, a camera will be installed. The study and installation takes approximately 45-60 days.

What is the fine and who does the citation go to?
There will be a 30-day grace period after a camera is installed. During this time, warnings will be issued. After this grace period, fines will be issued. The Code of Virginia establishes the fine which is $50 per violation. It is a civil penalty that goes to the owner, not the driver. This means there are no points assessed to the driver or owner’s licenses. The violation is mailed to the owner’s registered address.

What type of photo is taken?
The system is a rear-facing system. The camera only captures the rear of the vehicle and its license plate. No photo is taken of the driver.

How is the violation determined to be accurate?
Two separate individuals with the vendor will review the violation to ensure it is accurate. The photo is then sent to our department where a sworn officer reviews it a third time and makes final approval.

How will the money collected through fines be used?
The fines collected will be used to fund the entire red light camera enforcement project. Any money collected beyond the amount required to maintain the project will be deposited in the City of Manassas’ General Fund.

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