Scatter Gardens

The City has 2 scatter gardens for those who have been cremated.
Rose Hill Cemetery and Manassas Cemetery are owned and maintained by the City of Manassas. The Manassas Cemetery is located on Center Street across from the City of Manassas Rescue Squad. Rose Hill Cemetery is located at the end of Foster Drive. Rose Hill Cemetery is part of the Black Cemetery Network, a comprehensive directory of African American cemeteries throughout the U.S., including those which have been neglected, displaced, or are currently at-risk of erasure. 

Maintenance of both cemeteries is performed by the buildings and grounds division and contracted mowing is overseen by the buildings and grounds superintendent.

Rose Hill Cemetery is sold out at this time. Manassas Cemetery has plots available at a cost of $4,500 each.  There are some guidelines to follow for cemeteries in the City of Manassas.

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