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Public Works Mission is to: 

The mission of Public Works is to provide the essential services to sustain and enhance the quality of life to the citizens of Manassas in a prompt, professional, courteous, safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.  We strive to plan, build, maintain, and operate public infrastructure in a manner that respects the environment, preserves these assets for future generations, and fulfills the goals established by our City Council.  Public Works continually works to implement innovative technologies and processes to improve and maintain the City’s streets and storm water drainage systems, traffic controls, open spaces, cemeteries, facilities, fleet resources and solid waste collection in order to provide reliable and superior service to the community.

Maintenance of the city’s infrastructure is the heart of the public works department.
This comprises of about 25% of its budget.  More than 61 full-time city employees maintain:

  • 254.5 lane miles of road sweeping, paving & repair, snow removal, vacuum leaf collection, & storm drain clean out
  • 13 city parks
  • 8 school fields
  • 2 city cemeteries
  • 151,500 square feet of planting beds
  • 486 vehicles/pieces of equipment
  • 63 traffic signals
  • 23 city facilities 
  • 5460 storm drains
  • 29 stormwater management ponds
2022 Public Works Annual Report Presentation
2022 Public Works Annual Report

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