Driveways and Mailboxes

Driveways and Mailboxes1Clearing your Driveway
Snow plows are angled to the right for plowing from the centerline of the street to the curb. Because of this, snow may end up at the end of your driveway. The plows may make several passes to clear the street and therefore deposit snow at the end of the driveway multiple times. 

Residents may wish to clear driveways several times during the storm or wait until plowing activities have concluded. In order to reduce the large volumes of snow from being deposited back into the driveway during plowing operations, place or shovel the snow to the right hand side of the drive as you face the roadway. 
It is the responsibility of the residents, not the Street Department, to remove snow from their driveways. 

Driveways and Mailboxes2Marking your Mailbox
The main cause of mailbox damage is simply from the force of the heavy snow that is discharged from the plow blade during snow removal operations.

Residents can prevent plow damage by marking mailboxes with a brightly colored reflectors or tape to make them easier to spot and avoid.

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