Primary Routes
Plowing will commence when the snow reaches a depth of approximately two–three-inches. The streets will be plowed in the same priority starting with the primary / first run until these streets are clear and passable. After these streets are completed the second run streets are cleared.

In the event of an ongoing storm we may have to return to the first run routes to remove additional accumulation as needed. In the event of heavy snowfall we may only plow wide enough to keep streets open until the snowfall stops.

Residential Sections
After completion of all first and second run routes the street department plows the 12 residential sections. Many of these streets already will have been completed on the first and second run routes. The remaining streets will be plowed curb to curb as completely as possible and treated where required.

Streets in residential areas will be treated only where necessary depending on conditions. We do not spread sand and salt on all residential streets. Depending on the forecast and conditions crews may need to treat intersections and hills. If you live on a privately maintained street you should contact your homeowners association for information about your property’s snow removal plan.

If you have questions regarding snow removal in your area, please call:
(703) 257-8347 (during regular business hours)
(703) 257-8353 (outside regular business hours)

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