Street Sweeping

What is street sweeping?
Street sweeping removes accumulated debris and pollutants such as sand, salt, metals, petroleum products and bacteria from our streets before they get washed into our streams by rain, for example. Keeping our pavement clean and free of dirt and debris with street sweeping is important for keeping us safe and healthy.

Please note that the street sweeper schedule below is subject to change at any time because it is weather-dependent and will not run in extreme temperatures, rain, etc. We thank you for your understanding!

V2 Street Sweeper          V2 Street Sweeper ESP

All sections are swept at least 4 times per year:
Leaf Map 2023-2024

In addition to our normal sweeping schedule we also take the following measures:
  1. After the winter snow season, we sweep our primary and secondary roads typically for a two-week period. This clears all sand, salt, and debris from the roads.
  2. Typically, during school breaks (i.e. Spring Break, Summer Break, etc.), you may see us assisting the schools in order to clean and clear their parking lots.

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