Sudley Road Third Lane

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The Sudley Road Third Lane project in the City of Manassas is a Capital Improvement Project (T-015) which consists of adding a third northbound lane and completing a sidewalk connection from Grant Avenue in the City northward approximately 1.2 miles to just north of Godwin Drive in Prince William County. The third northbound lane will be created in part by new pavement and the remainder will be created by re-striping an existing right turn lane into a through-turn lane. This roadway section will tie into the existing 3-lane section with a sidewalk that exists in Prince William County. The left turn lane to Godwin Drive will be extended to the south approximately 200 feet. In addition to the roadway widening, the project includes storm drainage. A new curb and gutter along the right lane and associated storm structures will be added. A pedestrian crosswalk and the push-button signal will be added at Rolling Road and at Godwin Drive.

Project Status:

Currently in Design

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