Becoming a Keep Manassas Beautiful Volunteer

Becoming a Keep Manassas Beautiful Volunteer is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Pick your location.   Use our interactive map to find your favorite place and then claim it as your adopted Litter Clean-up location. 
  2. Fill in an application form. We’ll arrange for you to pick up your litter collection equipment - and give you a gift to say "thank you" for adopting a location.
  3. Get started! Make sure that you report your activity. We keep track of all of the volunteer hours and the amount of litter our volunteers pick up.
Please be advised: Keep Manassas Beautiful is a program for active volunteers interested in helping to keep our public spaces clean. No signs will be posted until the applicant group performs a minimum of six clean-ups. All clean-up activity must be reported online through our activity app. Adoption signs are for active volunteers only and are not intended solely for advertising businesses or groups.

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