Curbside Food Waste Composting Collection Program

compost 4The City of Manassas is sponsoring a residential food waste composting program to help reduce the amount of food waste sent to the landfill.  Food waste can be recycled into compost, a natural soil enhancer, that helps to improve the health of the soil and can reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides.  Collected food scraps will be taken nearby to the Balls Ford Road Compost Facility and recycled into compost.

compost crew

The City of Manassas has been working with Compost Crew to launch the Curbside Food Waste Composting Program.  Since early 2021 City of Manassas residents participating in this program have collected 39,600 pounds of food scraps to be turned into compost. 

Residents who sign up to participate in the program, will receive a container to separate out food scraps.  Bins are lined with compostable liners to help keep the container clean.  Compost Crew will empty the bin and a new liner on your designated collection day.

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I want to sign up for Curbside Composting!

As part of this program, the City of Manassas will fund the first 3 months of service for the first 300 participating households.  After the initial 3 months, participants will pay the full cost for the curbside food scrap compost collection.

For more information please contact Compost Crew directly at (301) 202-4450.

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