Preparing to Apply

You will be able to complete your online application faster if you have the following information with you before you start *: 

  • Your complete and correct address, including your zip code 
  • Your telephone number. We will use this information to contact you when we receive your application. 
  • The Social Security numbers and birth dates of all household members (children under 22 years of age must be included in your application for SNAP) 
  • Non-US Citizens: alien number, alien status, date of entry to the US 
  • All gross income from jobs for each member of your household 
  • All other income (for example: social security, pensions, etc.) received by members of your household 
  • The amount and frequency of any child support payment you may receive 
  • Housing and utility expense information (If applying for SNAP) 
  • Child care expenses or expenses for the care of a disabled person 
  • Medical expenses for persons with disabilities or 60 years of age or older 
  • Financial resources information, such as bank accounts, real estate property, life insurance, etc. (only if applying for Medicaid under any of the following categories: Adults, Aged, or Disabled individuals) 
  • Current or recent health insurance information (if applying for Medicaid) 
  • The names, and addresses of your children parent(s), if not living together (only if applying for TANF) 

* NOTE: If you cannot complete your application on the first try, you may save in the system and continue it at a later date. CommonHelp will save your incomplete application for 60 days. After 60 days you will have to start a new application. Another option you have is to submit an incomplete application. A case worker from the Manassas City Department of Social Services will contact you to discuss any missing or unclear information.

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