Housing Quality Standard Inspection

Housing Quality Standard Inspection (HQS)
Prior to an initial move-in, the Housing Office must perform an inspection to ensure the unit meets standards. The tenant should not sign a lease or move into the unit until the unit has passed inspection. The Housing Office is required to do an annual inspection to coincide with re-certification of the tenant. 

If there are deficiencies, landlords are given up to thirty days written notice to make repairs, unless the repairs are life threatening. Items which normally can present a problem are:

  • Inoperable smoke detectors 
  • Burners on the stove or oven that do not light 
  • Chipping or peeling paint 
  • Screens that are not in good condition or installed on all windows 

HUD published regulations concerning the abatement of lead paint in all types of housing. The rule covers the elimination of possible lead poisoning from houses built prior to 1978. If you have any concerns about HUD's rule concerning lead paint you may contact HUD.

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