Trunks for Schools

Education trunks can be rented from the Manassas Museum. Want to provide an enriching supplement for your students on your own schedule? Check out our traveling trunks, complete with teacher's guides and hands on materials. The following newly redesigned trunks are available:  

Trunks for Schools2

Colonial Life
This trunk introduces students to life in Virginia during the Colonial era, with a primary focus on the eighteenth century. Contents include period clothing, games and toys, money, and documents, as well as reference and activity books.

Trunks for Schools3

Native American
This trunk introduces students to life in an Early Woodlands community, with an emphasis on the relationship between early Native Americans and their environment. Contents include animal skins, clothing, and replica tools as well as early maps and drawings created at the time of European contact.

Trunks for Schools4

Past and Present
This trunk contains artifacts and photographs that will help introduce students to basic concepts of history and the past. Contents include a stereoscope, period clothing and tools, toys and games, and photographs of early Manassas. This trunk is intended for Kindergarten through second grade.

Trunks for Schools5

Civil War Trunk
This trunk introduces students to life during the Civil War, with a focus on the area in and around Manassas Junction. Contents include period clothing, a soldier’s knapsack and haversack, Union and Confederate money, photographs, a copy of the 1860 census, instructions for making a cipher wheel, and activity books.

City of Manassas Schools Are Free

Other Schools are $35.00 per week or $60 for two weeks

Please call us at 703-257-8453, email or visit us at the Manassas Museum for more information or to reserve your trunk.

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