Development Applications Under Review

Cases Currently Submitted and Under Review:

SUP #2022-0006, 9817 Godwin Dr. Suite 201, Clear River Community Church

REZ #2022-0002, 9511, 9513, 9517 Prince William St., People, Inc

SUP #2022-0004 - 9303 Forest Point Circle - Church of Pentecost

SUP # 2022-0003 - 8737 Quarry Road - Healing Hand Ministry

SUP #2022-0002 - 9700 Wellington Road - Changeable LED Monument Sign

SUP #2022-0001 & REZ #2022-0001 International Bible Baptist Church, 9025 Centreville Road

REZ 2021-0001, Van Metre Homes Manassas

VMH Manassas - Design Guidelines 20210412 38

                  Attachment: Van Metre Manassas General Development Plan
                  Attachment: Van Metre Manassas Impact Analysis
                  Attachment: Van Metre Manassas Design Guidelines
                  Attachment: Van Metre Traffic Impact Analysis
     3rd Submission dated September 8, 2021
                  Attachment: Van Metre Proffer Statement Response
                  Attachment: Van Metre Design Guidelines
                  Attachment: Van Metre General Development Plan
                  Attachment: Van Metre Technical Response
                  Attachment: Van Metre Statement of Justification

SUP 2021-0003, REZ 2021-0002, 8704 Sudley Road - Wawa
  • A Planning Commission Public Hearing was held on 8/4/21
  • A Planning Commission Public Hearing was continued to 10/6/21; Planning Commission voted to deny SUP 2021-003 and REZ 2021-0002
  • A City Council public hearing was closed on 12/13/21
  • 1/10/22 Council meeting approved Ordinance #O-2022-10
Wawa SUP

                     Attachment: Wawa Special Use Permit Plan
                     Attachment: Wawa Traffic Impact Analysis
                     Attachment: Wawa DCSM Waiver
                     Attachment: Wawa Statement of Justification and Proffer Statement
                    Attachment: Resubmission Dated 7-2-21
                    Attachment: 3rd Site Submission Dated 9-15-21
                    Attachment: 3rd Site/Landscape Submission dated 9-15-21

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SUP/ REZ Process

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