Public Works


Street Division

The City of Manassas Street Department maintains all public streets and all school, commuter rail and public parking lots including City Hall, Animal Shelter, Boys and Girls Club, Public Works Facility, Fire, Rescue and Police.  Street crews maintains over 254 lane miles of roadway in the City. In addition, it provides seasonal leaf and snow removal keeping our streets safe and clean all year long.

Building Maintenance & Beautification

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for providing preventive maintenance and repair services to all City owned buildings, parks, schools, roadsides, cemeteries, stormwater management ponds and related infrastructure in a timely and cost effective manner.  City Arborist, Dan Spoden and his team design, install and maintain the trees, shrubs and plants that help make the City a colorful and inviting place for residents and visitors throughout the year.

Refuse & Recycling

The City of Manassas contracts with American Disposal Services for the collection of yard waste, trash and recycling within the city. Our curbside recycling program is a single stream system where all of the recyclable material generated within a household can be mixed together in the same recycling container. These recyclables are then collected and sorted at the American Recycling Center.

Traffic Controls

The Traffic Controls department consists of four full-time employees responsible for maintaining 62 traffic signals in the City; creating and maintaining all of the City's traffic signs; and maintaining all lane markings on city roadways.

Public Works CIP Projects

Read more about the Transportation and Road Capital Improvement Projects.

Vehicle Maintenance

Our award winning Vehicle Maintenance division provides a professional fleet maintenance service to all City vehicles including police cars, school buses, street sweepers and snow plows.  [read more]
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