Maps & GIS

The City of Manassas Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) group is part of the city’s Finance Department.

As an Enterprise group, the GIS team is responsible for developing, maintaining, coordinating, and distributing GIS data and its related technology solutions across the City government. In additional to online maps and applications, traditional maps, location analysis, database development, NextGen 911 support, and data maintenance, the team creates and maintains numerous field solutions. These solutions allow City field crews to validate and update data in the field regarding utilities assets, airport, construction site inspections, and more. 
Please visit our Manassas GeoHub to find links to Interactive Maps, the Map Catalog (printable maps), and other GIS content such as the Scanned Plans site.

Image of GIS Hub

What is GIS?
GIS is used to produce, analyze, manage, and share information about geographic features. The City maintains geographic location and information about a variety of city assets including streets, buildings, parks, electric lines, and much more. Maintaining the data in GIS allows for the ability to visualize the data to help make informed decisions. More information about GIS or our map products is available on our FAQ site.

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