Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Legal Notice/Disclaimer
Disclaimer Notice: The City of Manassas website contains links to other websites. You should be aware that the sites we are linking to are not under the control of the City of Manassas government. Any link to another site should not be construed as a representation of the City of Manassas, nor does it serve as an endorsement by the City. Links to other sites are provided only as a convenience to you. As such, the City of Manassas cannot ensure the quality, accuracy, or suitability of any information found when you click on a link to another website.  Currently, our policy is to not connect to social media sites other than City resources.

Email Policy
The City of Manassas email service is primarily designed to handle your comments and suggestions. Your ideas will help us improve this Internet site and provide the information you want most.
Email inquiries will be handled by the appropriate staff, in turn, along with other citizen telephone calls, faxes, and letters sent to  City government agencies.  When making an inquiry or requesting a response from City staff, please include your name, home address, telephone number, and email if available, as your request may be handled by another media.

Internet Privacy Statement


The Commonwealth of Virginia under Virginia Privacy Protection Act, Chapter 26 of Title 2.1 of the Code of Virginia requires every public agency to develop and publish an internet privacy policy statement that, at a minimum, addresses the following:
  1. Whether any data is automatically collected when accessing the City's website;
  2. What information, including personal data, is collected;
  3. Whether the City's website automatically places a computer file (i.e. "cookie") on citizens' computer;
  4. What is the purpose of placing a "cookie" on citizens' computers, and
  5. How the collected information is being used or will be used.
A. Established Practices:
The City of Manassas uses the following practices and procedures when an individual accesses the City's website:
  1. Data Collection: Internet Protocol (IP) address; browser type and version; date and time of visit; and Operating System. A domain name, organization name, and country of origin are derived from IP addresses. The information is used only to generate statistical reports.
  2. Personal Data Collection: The City collects NO personal data when an individual visits the City internet site.
  3. Use of Cookies: The City's use of cookies is strictly limited, used only to help a user move from one web page to another within certain applications on the City website. No personal information is stored on a user’s computer, and the City has no access to other information on a user’s computer. Any City web page that uses cookies will prompt a user before a cookie is used. If desired, the user can prevent the use of any cookies. Any City application that uses cookies will have a statement on its use.
  4. Sharing and Disclosing of Collected Data: The City will not share or disclose the above-collected data to anyone or any organizations unless:
  1. Federal law requires disclosure of your IP address, domain name, organization;
  2. Need to respond to a deliberate act of sabotage and/or damage against the City's website;
  3. Need to respond to subpoenas, court orders, and/or legal processes.
B. Privacy Statement Changes:
The City reserves the right to amend this policy statement when required. However, changes to this statement will be reflected in this document for review.
C. Definitions:
  1. Browser – Graphical software used to navigate the Internet (e.g. MS Internet Explorer.)
  2. Internet – A term used to describe an interconnected network of computers that span the world. Today, navigation of the Internet is generally accomplished by the use of a browser.
  3. Cookies – A small computer file containing an identification number, which is placed on your personal computer when you visit a website. It is not a computer program. It cannot read the contents of a user’s drive. There are two types of cookies: per-session cookies which expire as soon as the user’s computer session is terminated, and persistent cookies, which are placed on a user’s drive for a specified length of time. These cookies store user preferences and settings for a specific website and can make subsequent visits to that site quicker and easier. Users can delete cookies from their computers at any time.

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